About us


Ashna Mobiles is a national electronic and technology service provider that delivers the latest and exquisite mobiles through out Afghanistan .


There’s an Art to Living Life. At Ashna, we’re here for those that expect more from their smartphone than a run-of-the-mill experience.


ASHNA is the brainchild of Mr. Salam Khan, who is currently acting as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. His broad vision and new strategies have not only contributed a lot to the telecom sector in Afghanistan, but he has also brought a revolutionary technological progress with his committed business expertise. In the perspective of making cell phone a public commodity, ASHNA Mobile broke the barrier of expense with affordable prices, bringing down the domination of multinational brands, Despite the fact that ASHNA Mobile provides an elegant look and astounding services, our mobile phones are not beyond the range of common person. Therefore, we target to rule the minds and hearts of our users with our unmatched services.
Mr. Salam Khan also known for his welfare work in the society and as the Chief Executive Officer of Ashna Mobile, his skills have given the company a great strength while he continues to play his role as a welfare campaigner too. He has been contributing to the telecom sector since 12 years. Ashna consists of more than 300 mobile dealers/customers all over the country. ASHNA Mobile despite being manufactured by Chinese technology is fully equipped with the state of art facilities. The credit of this success solely goes to Mr. Salam Khan and his team.
Management Team
Consisting of a highly educated and exceedingly skilled staff of over 150 crew members, ASHNA leaves behind its competitor companies. Our board of directors, media coordinators, sales analysts and marketing team, are making great efforts to fulfil our goal of raising ASHNA Mobile on the top with gratifying services. It is with the help of these experienced and professional management team members that inject vigour and excellence in every function of ASHNA Mobile business.